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There’s really no reason for me to leave the house.

It’s cold. & the only thing I really need to do if I leave is buy a new swim suit and get some presents for people. Only other reason why I would embrace the cold, evil world is if I was going to do something with Matt, ¬†which, even If I’m free all week he has a bunch of stuff to finish so that’s just going to have to wait until next week.

Next week…will be weird. Monday as well as this weekend will be inexistent due to cramming. Tuesday I will have my last exam and then wednesday, thursday I do last minute things I’ve been keeping off to do since September and all that before I leave for Jamaica.

Oh yea, have I mentioned I’m leaving for 2 weeks on the 21st of December? yea, so that’s happening.

Huh. I’m almost done my 1st semester…that went fast.¬†

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